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Cessna 172S (Analog Panel)

The 2003 – 2005 model Cessna 172SPs provided with the analog panel are very well equipped with a King KLN 94 GPS, KAP 140 2-axis coupled autopilot and a King KMD 550 Multi-Function Display (MFD). The Cessna 172SPs have a 180 horsepower engine and typically cruise around 120 knots. They have 4 leather seats, airbags and excellent outside visibility. Cessna 172s have an excellent history of safety and dependability. They make a great training aircraft and are very practical for rental on trips. American Air trains students in the Cessna 172SP for Private Pilot, Instrument Rating, some of the Commercial Pilot and Flight Instructor courses as well as the Instrument Flight Instructor Course.



C172 sky 1 approved