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The multiengine rating can be added on to your Private Pilot, Commercial Pilot or Airline Transport Pilot certificate at American Air. In this course, you will learn to fly at faster speeds in a more complex aircraft, which develops your ability to multitask faster and stay ahead of any airplane your are flying. The flight training is conducted in an airplane provided by the student (usually a Piper Seminole or Seneca or a Beech Duchess.

If you are proficient in complex aircraft and in instrument flight, the course usually involves just 30 – 35 dual flight hours plus pre and post flight briefings and 20 hours of one-on-one ground school for completion. All of the instruction is given by Steve Shaner. Steve has been instructing for over 42 years and was an FAA Pilot Examiner for most ratings including multiengine for over 32 years. The instructor rate is$210.00/hour flight and $180.00/hour ground. There is no FAA minimum number of hours required. Also, there is no FAA knowledge test to take. The FAA check ride primarily covers the aircraft systems, preflight planning, visual and instrument flight procedures and emergency procedures. Our program is much more thorough than the FAA requires, so you will graduate with self confidence, knowing that you are a well – trained, safe and proficient pilot. Some of our training requirements that go beyond the FAA requirements include: night visual and night instrument flight work, night emergencies, simulated 2 – engine out procedures, numerous complex emergency scenarios requiring advanced skills in aeronautical decision making and more.

If you take 2 – 3 flight lessons per week along with 1 – 2 ground sessions a week, you may finish the course in 2 – 3 months. This course is exciting and fun and it will greatly improve your piloting abilities in any aircraft that you fly!