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American Champion Super Decathlon Tailwheel Aerobatic Airplane

decathlon-tailCurrently, we no longer have this airplane on our line but may acquire another one in the near future. Our Super Decathlon is well-suited for Aerobatic and Tail wheel training. It is available for dual instruction rental only. The Super Decathlon is a 2 seat in tandem airplane ad has a 180 horsepower fuel-injected engine with an aerobatic constant-speed propeller. It also has a full inverted flight fuel and oil system. The Super Decathlon cruises around 125 knots. This Decathlon is equipped with a Garmin GNS 430 GPSCOM, Garmin 327 transponder and top-of-the-line Bose A20 headsets. The rental rate includes the FAA-required parachutes for aerobatic flight which are kept up to date with current FAA-approved repacking inspections. This is the best-maintained Super Decathlon in the area. The maximum student pilot weight in our Super Decathlon is 220 lbs.

decathlon-parked Decathlon instrument panel decathlon-on-ramp