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Glass Cockpit

Present – day aircraft are equipped with either analog – mechanical instrument panels (sometimes referred to as a steam-gauge panel) or with the more modern electronic screen displays (referred to as glass cockpit). Almost all new production aircraft today are equipped with the glass cockpit panel. Older aircraft with steam-gauge panels are being retro-fitted with glass cockpit displays. Since both panel types are found in large numbers on currently operating aircraft, it is important for new student pilots to be thoroughly trained on both panels. American Air provides the training on both panels in all of our pilot and flight instructor courses. Established pilots who learned on steam gauge panels may want to transition to glass cockpit aircraft at some point when given the opportunity to fly these aircraft.

American Air provides thorough ground and flight training courses for initial, transition and re-current glass cockpit training. Part of this training is done in the aircraft on the ground with electrical power supplied to the cockpit. This practice, using the actual airplane as a simulator to learn the use of all of the buttons and dials is performed in a comfortable environment without the distraction of flying the airplane at the same time. All training is conducted one-on-one and you get all the practice you desire to make all the operations seem natural and automatic. Training is available on the Garmin G1000 in our Piper Archer LX and the G500 in our simulator. Training in the student’s own airplane is also available. The amount of ground and flight training varies with each student’s experience and certification. Each course is custom-tailored to the each student’s needs.

Glass cockpit displays tied in with other avionics can provide excellent situational awareness including large moving maps, terrain avoidance, restricted airspace avoidance, traffic and hazardous weather avoidance. With thorough training and proper use of the equipment, safety in flight can be greatly enhanced. The glass cockpit courses at American Air are conducted at a comfortable speed for each student individually. Our courses take the mystery and intimidation out of glass cockpit flying and we provide you with the techniques to make this a safe, easy and comfortable way to fly.