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Setting the Highest Standard in Flight Training

What Makes AAFT Different

Personal Attention and Instruction from an Excellent Teacher

American Air is not a high student volume “pilot factory”. All ground and flight instruction is given by Steve Shaner. Steve works with just a few students one-on-one. Steve will train you as an individual and will “custom tailor” your training to suit the unique way you learn best and at a pace that is ideal for you personally. Steve has been giving professional ground and flight instruction to men and women of all age groups for over 49 years and during the same time he served as an FAA-Designated Pilot Examiner for the Atlanta area flight schools for 32 years.

Modern, Well-Equipped and Well-Maintained Aircraft

Newer, well-equipped aircraft are much more expensive and the cost of maintaining these aircraft to the highest standard in the industry is also more expensive. While the rental rates for the aircraft we use are the highest in the area, they reflect how much safer these aircraft are when you fly them in training or on trips with your family or friends on board.

A Great Learning Environment

American Air is located at DeKalb-Peachtree Airport (KPDK), northeast of Atlanta. As an active, tower-controlled airport with multiple runways, KPDK provides excellent training conditions for all types of pilots. Our flight training facility is one of the best in the Atlanta area. Comfortable, quiet training classrooms are provided and we have more state-of-the-art training aids than most flight schools across the country. American Air provides training in our Piper Archer LX with the G1000 NXi Glass Cockpit(Electronic Screen) airplanes equipped with comfortable leather seats and air conditioning. American Air also provides high-end, ultra-comfortable, electronic noise-cancelling headsets for flight training. Many of your flight lessons will be recorded on high-definition video and audio which will be provided to you on a flash drive for you to load into your home or office computer for your review.

Training and Testing Well Above the FAA Pilot Certification Standards

Steve has researched thousands of NTSB aviation accident reports and has created hundreds of new piloting techniques and procedures that are taught only at American Air. These procedures can be life-saving and this one of the many reasons why American graduates are some of the safest pilots by far. Steve will train and test you continuously to a much higher standard than that required by the FAA. This is one of the reasons why you will get much more enjoyment and satisfaction from your experience with American Air as you will know that you have made a great achievement and you have become an excellent pilot. You will have much more confidence and security in your flying. You will also enjoy the satisfaction in knowing you got the best value for the time and money you invested in your flight training.

Here are some of the many benefits you will enjoy when you learn to fly at American Air: