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Ground School

Our ground schools are professional, in-depth, state-of-the-art and personalized. Steve Shaner, your instructor, will cover far more relevant material than any textbook or video program. Steve has been a full-time ground and flight instructor for over 49 years and a former FAA-Designated Pilot Examiner for over 32 years. Our courses don’t merely teach you rote-level test material, but rather how to fully understand and apply an extensive working knowledge of aerodynamics, aircraft systems, regulations, airspace, noise abatement procedures, aeromedical, chart usage, navigation, emergencies, night operations, weather theory, weather reports/charts analysis, aeronautical decision making, accident analysis, risk mitigation and assessment, ATC radio communication, basic and advanced flying techniques and much more! These programs are a great refresher for certificated pilots too!

Our classroom is roomy and comfortable, cushioned chairs provided for each student. At American Air, we use the latest training aids and we  provide an informative and entertaining atmosphere. To enroll – please visit our office in suite 105 or contact us at 770-455-4203 or  

Private Pilot Ground School

  • Approximately 120  hours of one-on-one classroom instruction and testing
  • One-on-one ground school rate: $235/hour

Instrument Pilot Ground School

  • Approximately 110 hours of one-on-one classroom instruction and testing
  • One-on-one ground school rate: $235/hour

Online Ground School Training

Some of the ground school sessions can be done live, one-on-one online using Zoom. If you travel a lot or are tied to the office, this option can help make your training schedule manageable.