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Students with Special Abilities

Steve Shaner, at American Air Flight Training has been conducting the wheelchair pilot program for over 35 years. This flight training program is only available for students who have purchased their own modified airplane. You may earn a Private Pilot or Instrument Pilot Rating certificate – meeting the same standards and having the same privileges as any other pilot with the same certificates. After earning your Private Pilot Certificate, you may take passengers on cross country flights in your airplane. American Air is the only flight school in Georgia offering this program for Private and Instrument Pilot Ratings.

The wheelchair pilot courses aren’t just for those individuals using wheelchairs. If you have some limited use of your legs and feet and have purchased your own modified airplane, you may also want to take this course. We have successfully trained many students with a wide variety of physical challenges. Our graduates include students with monocular eyesight, diabetes, previous limb amputations, Spina-bifida, Polio and other conditions. Our flight training for this course has typically been in the Piper Warrior II. We have also performed this training in the Piper Cherokee 140. We have used the Blackwood Hand control attachment. If a Warrior II is used it must be modified in an approved procedure to accept the hand control.

Our Instructor has developed innovative training concepts that are custom – tailored to each student as an individual. Your instruction will be provided by a patient and caring teacher who will work very hard to help you reach your goals. American Air promotes an atmosphere of “mainstreaming” with all of our students and employees. Each person is afforded the same dignity and respect as an equal member of our great society of aviators. When you enroll in this program, you will experience an incredible adventure and take great pride in your achievement.