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AAFT Aviation Education Center

The Aviation Education Center at American Air provides students with hands-on experience and knowledge tools, such as our simulator, aircraft parts and components on display, classroom demonstration equipment and other training aids.  We also provide interactive DVDs, Power Point presentations, reference books, computers, a weather briefing office and study areas. We are strategically located next to a large aircraft maintenance facility where we take students on tours to see aircraft that are disassembled, which makes learning about mechanical systems much easier. A large hangar with propeller driven and jet aircraft is attached to our building where we give additional tours to learn about the differences in aircraft equipment and models. We also take our students up in the control tower for tours where they can meet the controllers.

American Air keeps up with the latest teaching aids and materials. The instructor – Steve Shaner, is highly-experienced in how to get the maximum benefit from this equipment in teaching and evaluating you in your training. The use of these training aids also makes learning easier and more interesting for you as you advance through the courses. Our syllabus, handout materials, training aids and teaching techniques are constantly reviewed and often revised as appropriate to give you state-of-the-art training on the latest equipment and pilot techniques. This practice has kept American Air in the lead in flight training for over 31 years. This is also why you will be as safe as you can be as a pilot when you train here.

Our Aviation Education Center also includes pilot supplies that you can purchase at our reception counter. All of the books and materials you will need in your flight training are available here. We can also advise you on the purchase of optional personal pilot items, such as flight bags, headsets and watches/timers. Our facility is also a great place to relax before or after your flight lesson and interact with other pilots.