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Pilot Supplies

At the American Air main office counter, we stock various pilot supplies, text books and other training tools. Our inventory includes: FAA textbooks, FAR/AIM books, ASA knowledge test books and Test Prep CDs, Multiengine textbooks, Aerobatic textbooks,  VFR area and sectional charts, Piper and Cessna airplane information manuals, flight timers, RayBan sunglasses, pulse oximeters, kneeboards, iPad knee straps, metal E-6B mechanical flight computers, Lexan IFR and VFR navigation plotters, flashlights with colored lense kits, batteries of different sizes and types, pilot logbooks, motion sickness bags, caps, Cessna stall warning testers, fuel testers with filters, IFR view-limiting devices, pilot gold wings, headset cushions and more. Students who train at American Air have the convenience of purchasing all of their training materials at the school. There are also many supplies, publications and apps available online and we can advise you on what’s available and the best sources to go to.

The following supplies are typically kept in stock at our sales counter. Please call ahead to confirm items in stock and time when we will be in to assist you.

Airplane Flying Handbook – FAA
AFD – Airport Facility Directory (now Chart Supplement) – SE
Aviation Instructors Handbook – FAA
Aviation Weather Book – FAA
Batteries – AAA Regular
Batteries – AA Lithium
Batteries – AA Regular
Batteries – 9 Volt Lithium
Batteries – 9 Volt Regular
Better Areobatics Book – Cassidy
Cap – Blue -AAFT
Cessna 172 Information Manual
Charts – VFR Sectional (ATL)
Charts – Terminal Area (ATL)
Clipboard – AAFT Blue
E-6B Flight Computer
Flashlight – AA LED and Kit
Flight Bag – Crosswind
Fuel Tester Jar – Small or Large
Gold Wings Pin – AAFT
Headset Ear Cusions (Pair) – Telex
Headset Top Band Cushion – Telex
Headset Microphone Muff Screen – Telex
I-pad Knee Belt/Clips (My Clips)
IFR Shades – Jeppesen
IFR Training Glasses – Sporty’s
Kneeboard – Fabric Tri-Fold
Lenses – Stick-On for Glasses
Log Book – Blue
Multiengine Flying Book – Craig
Pilot’s Handbook of Areonautical Knowledge – FAA
Piper Archer III Manual
Piper Lance II Manual
Piper Arrow II/III, Saratoga and Warrior II Manuals
Plotter – IFR
Plotter – VFR
Pulse Oximeter
Shirt (T-Shirt) Blue AAFT
SicSacs/Relief Bags
Stall Warning Sensor Testor – Cessna
Sunglasses Ray Ban
Test Prep Book – Private Pilot – ASA
Test Prep Book – Instrument – ASA
Test Prepware – Private or Instrument – ASA