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Setting the Highest Standard in Flight Training

Bert Light – Operations Manager – Artlite Office Supply Company.

I recently purchased a Piper Malibu. This aircraft requires additional ground and flight training to become competent to fly it. I was thrilled to see that Steve Shaner, of American Air Flight Training was an approved flight instructor for this aircraft by my insurance company. Having completed my instrument rating with Steve many years prior, I knew I was in the BEST hands available.

Years ago, when I went searching for an instrument flight instructor, I wanted someone seasoned and who would make sure I was perfect in all aspects of flying by instruments before sending me out to fly an instrument approach to minimums and flying family and friends. As was the case, I am flying my Piper Malibu with the understanding of every gauge and every dial, knowing all the aspects of the engine, pressurization system and all the nuts and bolts of my specific airplane. I know I’m safe flying in my new airplane and in instrument conditions thanks to learning from Steve Shaner.

Bert Light – 2015