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Bryan Anderson – President – Towmate, LLC

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Steve Shaner at American Air Flight Training for the great experience I had while in recurrent training at the American Air Flight Training Center at PDK airport. I have several thousand hours of time in a PA 46-310 Malibu, dating back to 1989 through today. This year, I decided to call American Air Flight Training for my recurrent training. I wanted new pair of eyes to challenge me and to help me become a safer pilot and this was my experience:

  1. Steve was flexible, so we could schedule for the weekend.
  2. Steve was very professional.
  3. Steve was very thorough.

After the ground and flight testing, I felt competent to fly instrument approaches again. We knocked off all the rust and that was a life saver. Although I have thousands of hours in the air in all types of weather conditions, I do not claim to know it all nor do I claim to be the best. At the end of the day, I just want to arrive safely with my family, without stress and ready to go right back into the air. Steve is a great instructor and now a friend. I would highly recommend American Air Flight Training, Inc. for any person’s flight training needs.

Bryan Anderson – 2016