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Chloe Haslam – enrolled in the Flight Instructor course. Spin training was life changing. Steve Shaner from American Air Flight Training at PDK was THE best instructor I’ve encountered – (and I’m rated through multiengine). I highly recommend his spin course for everyone – even student pilots!

Steve was professional, knowledgeable, thorough and had a sense of humor…made for a well-spent afternoon together. The Super Decathlon was in pristine condition and Steve provided a Bose headset to use for the duration of the flight. Literally can’t stop telling any pilot who will listen about my 10-turn spins and how I felt like a Jedi! – ha-ha.

Steve is a retired DPE and master CFI/CFII. After our time together, I wish Steve had trained me since Private. Just wanted to pass along the good word and recommend Steve to anyone looking for flight instruction.

Chloe Haslam – 2019