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Chris Verch – President – Strong Systems, Inc.

I began my flight training at American Air in 2001. I completed my Private Pilot, Instrument Rating, Multi-Engine Rating and Tail wheel airplane courses with Steve Shaner at American Air. I took all of my FAA check rides at PDK with thorough FAA examiners and passed all tests with high marks. I had heard from others that other flight schools are using easier FAA examiners in other states instead of here in Atlanta and their students have to incur the cost of flying their rental airplane out and back to meet the “easy examiner” to help ensure getting their pilot certificate. I wanted no part of “gaming the system” like that. I am glad that American Air recommended a proper examiner at PDK.

Steve also conducted my initial check out training in my A-36 Bonanza. All of the training I received from Steve was very thorough and professional. I have flown with other highly-experienced pilots and instructors, but Steve’s expertise and excellent teaching skills are far superior to what I have seen out there. Steve has taught me a lot about my Bonanza and I continue to take thorough re-currency training in it with him. The higher amount of time and cost of training with Steve is well worth it. Steve provided me with unique and life-saving procedures and he makes the challenges productive and fun. I highly recommend Steve for anyone who is serious about safety and high value in their flight training.

Chris Verch – 2014