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Setting the Highest Standard in Flight Training

James C. Morton, Esq. – Attorney – James C. Morton PC Law Office

Steve Shaner at American Air Flight Training is the instructor to choose if you are seeking the opportunity to become the best pilot you can be. Steve is a great teacher who has the ability to make the challenging pilot courses easier to learn and to make it a very enjoyable experience.

I started my flight and ground training with Steve in 2000 and did my Private Pilot course with him. Since then, I have obtained my flight reviews and transitioned to more complex aircraft with Steve, most recently in 2014. When I enrolled in the Instrument Rating ground school at American Air, I quickly realized just how thorough my Private Pilot ground school had been with Steve. It made the Instrument course a lot easier. I credit the depth and breadth of those courses with receiving a grade of 100% on both my Private Pilot and Instrument Rating knowledge tests. I also learned a lot more important information from the ground schools that wasn’t required on the tests.

Having flown with other instructors, I can state with confidence that Steve’s training in the air is the most thorough I have experienced. He trains and tests his students to a level not required by FAA standards, but that are vital for safe and confident flying. I can testify that the thoroughness of my training at American Air has brought me home safely on more than one occasion. DO NOT select American Air Flight Training if you are seeking a quickee, FAA-minimum flight program, which will result in you being under-trained and quickly forgetting important knowledge. DO train with Steve if you want to have the opportunity to become a first-rate pilot by investing in being challenged with training to the highest standard.

James C. Morton -2014