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Lee Drake – Managing Shareholder and Attorney – Davis, Mathews and Quigley, PC

I started my Private Pilot course at another flight school at PDK with a mature, highly-experienced instructor. After several lessons, I felt that something was missing and I decided to look at other training options. I checked out the other schools and a pilot friend of mine suggested that if I really wanted high-quality, professional training – which would be more expensive, I should talk with Steve Shaner at American Air Flight Training. When I met Steve, he knew just what to do. He immediately made me feel comfortable and he conducted a thorough assessment session with me to determine exactly what was needed in my future training. He then designed a customized, structured course to fill in the gaps in my knowledge and help me move forward in the course with confidence.

I know that many flight schools in the area encourage their students to fly out-of-state to take their final check ride with an FAA examiner who might be known for “giving away” the pilot certificate. I took my check ride tests with Dan Emin at PDK and got my Private Pilot certificate and later my Instrument Rating. Dan was a nice guy and he was very thorough, but fair. I did excellent on both tests. I know that by taking the tests with Dan, I earned my pilot certificates. Afterward, I did my tail wheel and aerobatic courses with Steve, which further improved my pilot skills.

Steve is an excellent teacher who is patient and dedicated to being safe and thorough and to making the learning easier and more enjoyable. I appreciate how he thoroughly invests himself in his students. Steve is a good mentor and always keeps things positive. He has a good sense of humor and really makes the lessons fun and interesting. Even though the training at American Air is a lot more expensive, it was definitely the best value for the money and time I invested. The airplanes are by far the best maintained that I have seen. I would not consider training anywhere else.

Lee Drake – 2014