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Setting the Highest Standard in Flight Training

Doing Your Research

It is important to consider several factors in making decisions about flight training. You should compare airports, schools, airplane types, aircraft mechanical condition, instructors, curriculums, FAA approvals, FAA Pilot Examiners used, safety records, test result records, schedule availability, professionalism, customer service, teaching aids used, training materials, insurance requirements, referrals from other pilots and cost.

The typical students at American Air are educated professionals such as corporate CEOs, business owners, doctors and attorneys. These individuals did careful research before deciding to train at American Air. Some of our students have previously trained at other flight schools and have a good reference to compare us with. Some of the many positive client testimonials for American Air are posted on this website for your review.

Be sure you can meet the FAA pilot physical exam requirements. You may contact an FAA Aviation Medical Examiner listed for your area on the website to ask specific questions on medical issues or contact American Air for more information.

Here is a suggested process for shopping and comparing flight schools:

  1. Thoroughly review the school’s website and make a list of questions to ask. (Refer to the listed comparison items in this website section). Also read customer reviews online.
  2. Call the school and discuss what they have to offer and ask your questions.
  3. If you get a positive feeling from the call, make an appointment to visit the school, see their facilities and equipment, meet one of their instructors and discuss their program further.
  4. If you get a positive feeling from the visit, schedule and take an introductory flight lesson with that school.
  5. You should now be able to make a well-informed decision in comparing the top schools on your list and choosing one that is a good match for your goals and values.