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Club Benefits

Club Member Benefits

The Lanier Flying Club provides significant discounts to its members on all of the rental aircraft at Lanier Flight Center.
Non-members pay the walk-in rate and members are given the member rate.
Club members who pre-pay $2500 and maintain at least a $250 balance will be given an even greater discount rate.

Cost of membership: $500.00 initiation, then $69.00 monthly
dues after the first month.

AAFT has partnered with Lanier Flight Center (LFC) to share
usage of LFC’s Cessna Rental Fleet. This is the club arrangement for their
aircraft. Please see our Instruction and Rental Rates page for details.

Membership is simple – no contracts, no other fees, no minimum notice time required to
leave the club and no hassles. You may leave the club at any time with a 30 day written notice at your
convenience – use it when it benefits you!

The club provides great savings to students and
rental pilots who fly regularly.